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Z Krewe Royalty


XXII.     Alan Shem & Pam Iltis, 2017 - Gatsbby
    Green:  Craig Funi and Gloria Lair
    Purple:  Dave Mulcihy and Dusti Baldwin
    White:  Mickey Jashinsky and Sarah Beth Maddox
    Black:  Damien Treshman and Brandy McDonald


XXII.     David McMahon and Judy Dubose, 2016 - Steampunk
    Green:  Wes Hall and Lori Bryce
    Purple:  Leon Kaplan and Autumn Foster
    White:  Steve Baldwin and Dusti Baldwin 
    Black:  David Swain  and  Pam Iltis 

XXI.     Mickey Jashinsky and Sarah Beth Maddox, 2015 - Wizard of Oz
    Green:  Chris Ditto and Kristi Schoppe
    Purple:  Bill Pye and Jennifer Ryan
    White:  Jerry Keeth and Susan Hutchinson-Johnston
    Black:  Matt Pena Cyndi Keeth

XX.     David Mulcihy and Margaret Rodriguez, 2014 - Celebrate 20 years
    Green:  Alan Shem and PD Cavinder
    Purple:  Jeffrey McDonald and Cindy Barrera
    White:  Kenneth Hall and Brandy McDonald
    Black:  Pam Iltis and Bill Broadus

XIX.     Chris Ditto and Ginette Pye, 2013
Super Hereos and Villians
    Green:  Lyn Castanie and Erin Barnes
    Purple:  Alan Shem and Kristi Rachui
    White:  Mickey Jashinsky and Pamela Petty
    Black:  Bill Pye and Kristie Schoppe

XVIII.    Damien Treshman and Carroll Cobb, 2012 Hollywood, That's Entertainment!
    Green: David Mulcihy and Liz Welch
    Purple:  Tom Welch and Kristy Stepanski
    White:  Dr. Dick Martin and Cyndi Gillie
    Black:  David Rodgers and Kelly Gardner

XVII.    Alex Petty and Linda Potter, 2011
            Boogie NightZ
    Green: David Mulcihy and Cindy Barrera
    Purple:  Bill Broadus and Tiffany Rohr
    White:  Leon Kaplan and Ellie Matthews
    Black:  Chris Ditto and Pamela Petty

XVI.    John Pfeiffer-Cobb  and Evelyn Shem, 2010
           Underwater FantaZy

    Green:  Alan Shem and Linda Potter
    Purple:  Richard Thomas and Kristen Bennington
    White:  Jack Torregrossa and Cheryl Thomas
    Black: Carlos Price and Millie Kennedy

XV.  Bill Pye and May Carol Lieblong,  2009
        Salute to Italy
    Green:  Larry Sarver and Nancy Manlove
    Purple:  Jack Torregrossa and Sandra Cover
    White: John Pfeiffer-Cobb and Cyndi Gillie

XIV.    Allen and Sandy Taylor, 2008
           The Year of the Pirate!
Green:  Alex Petty and Linda Potter
   Purple:  John and Carroll Pfeiffer-Cobb
    White: Robert Lozano and Tommie McMillan
    Black: Leon Kaplan and Gretchen Lozano

XIII.    Bernard Bolanowski and Kristie Schoppe, 2007
           Salute to James Bond
Green:  David Rodgers and Sue Rodgers
    Purple: J.T. Edwards and Linda Potter
    White:  Paul Grizzle and Jan Grizzle
    Black:  Bill Perez and Grace Perez

XII.    Paul Rodgers & Joy Hall, 2006
          Wild Wild West
    Green:  J.T. Edwards and Colleen Fountain
    Purple: Benton Vandiver and Norma Shaw
    White:  Fred Schenk and Donna Bumpas
    Black: David McKinney and Grace Perez

XI.    Robert Carmody & Glenda Willis, 2005
         Salute to the Red, White, & Blue

    Green:  Tommy Delesandri and Jan Grizzle
    Purple:  Brian Lab and Tara Ramsey
    White:  Kevin Snedecor and Shirley Yarbrough
    Black:  Frank Petronella and Tommie McMillan

X.    Bob Harris & Linda Pritchard, 2004
       Hail, Hail Rock & Roll

    Green:  Jay Hawkins and Donna Bumpas
    Purple: Bryan McMurtrie and Glenda Willis
    White:  John Gardner and Nancy Manlove
    Black:  Steve Ramsey and Jan Grizzle

IX.  Paul Grizzle & Barbara Rodgers, 2003
      Mysteries of the Rainforest
Green:  Bob Harris and Nancy Manlove
    Purple: Allen Taylor and Linda Pritchard
    White:  John Pfeiffer and Glenda Willis
    Black: J.T. Edwards and Donna Bumpas

VIII.    Jeff Boyle & Tammi Schenk, 2002
          Salute to the British Isles
Green:  Bob Harris and Carolyn Mytholar
    Purple:  Shelby Wagner and Glenda Willis
    White: David Boltze and Marsha Van Manen
    Black:  J.T. Edwards and Linda Pritchard

VII.    Jim Manlove & Toni Caputo, 2001
         Space Above & Beyond
Green:  Bob Harris and Nancy Manlove
    Purple:  John Pfeiffer and Jan Grizzle
    White:  Steve Ramsey and Nina Kay Greenberg
    Black:  David Boltze and Rose Ramsey

VI.    Brent Romero & Adrianne Hawkins,
         2000 Texas 2000
Green:  Larry Kram and Virginia Allison
    Purple:  Hank Smith and Grace Allison
    White:  Jay Hawkins and Glenda Willis
    Black:  Jim Manlove and Desi McKinney

V.    Don McClure & Sigrun Burke,
        1999 Vegas on the Gulf
    Green: Nelson Haver and Deborah Tomlinson
    Purple:  Allen Vogler and Peggy Wortham
    White:  Jim Manlove and Sue Lyons-Vogler

IV.    John Moen & Linda Bridges, 1998
        The Roaring Twenties
Green:  Jim Manlove and Peggy Wooster
    Purple:  Wayne Coon and Jeannine Lord
    White:  Shelby Wagner and Tammi Schenk

III.    Allen Taylor & Joyce Aiken, 1997
Green:  Tom Aiken and Janis
    White Purple:  Phillip Loick and Nancy Manlove
    White:  Larry Phillips and Theresa Baumeister

II.    Frank Godek & Adrianne Hawkins, 1996
       New Orleans The Big EaZy
Green: Richard Roy and Donna Bumpas
    Purple:  Jim Manlove and Nancy Manlove
    White:  John Moen and Marci Roy

I.    Bill White & Mary Hamblin, 1995
       The Masks of Asia the Orient
Green:  J.R. Orsak and Nancy Manlove
    Purple:  John Kennon and Joyce Aiken
    White:  Tom Aiken and Janis White


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